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Custom Tours
Custom Tours we are more than happy to help you with here at Aussie Dirtbike Tours.
We offer dirt bike tours for Bucks Days/Weekends, just a Group of mates wanting a weekend away or even just a scenic slow ride through the Great Victorian High Country..

Contact us to customise the Trip that you want.

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2022 Rides & Tours

10th September
Beginner  Fully Booked
1 Day Ride   $100
27th August
Intermediate  Fully Booked
1 Day Ride   $100
28th August
Beginner  Fully Booked
1 Day Ride   $100




Tour Not Advertised Above?
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We offer a range of exhilarating adventure dirt bike riding for beginners to the experts throughout Victoria within
many National Parks and State Forests including the picturesque Victorian High Country.

We have a range of packages to suit your needs, whether you're organising a private group or don't mind joining
in with others, ranging from one day rides, two day rides or a whole week.

We can also offer tours outside of our currently displayed ones, just give us a hoy and we are more than happy
to work something out for you.

What you get..
 * Accommodation (for any o/nite rides)
 * Meals / Refreshments
 * Fuel (after 1st Tank)

What you need..
 * Current Motorbike Licence
 * Registered Dirt Bike (Rec. Registration minimum)
 * Helmet, Dirt Bike Boots, Gloves, Elbow & Knee (with shin) Guards required
 * Body Armour strongly recommended
 * Drinking Water Reservoir (eg. CamelBak or similar) recommended

 * Current Ambulance Cover recommended

Note: All forms (including but not limited to Indemnity, Emergency Contact & Final Booking) must be completed prior to any tour.
Aussie Dirtbike Tours reserves the right to refuse any rider until forms are completed or if any doubt exists about any information provided.
All riders must ensure they are aware of the Terms and Conditions.